About Us

I am a retired nurse, Chihuahua parent, gardener, gamer and now a jewelry artist.  Though recently married we have been together almost 16 years, we live outside of Rochester NY on the Erie Canal.  I started making jewelry while out on a disability in 2012.  I had a broken bracelet and decided I could fix it if I had the right tools.  It was my first time there and one look at the wall of beads and I was hooked!  So I started with beading, then taught myself Chainmaille, metal stamping, soldering, riveting, Kumihimo and Precious Metal clays.  In the last 3 months I have started learning metal forging, stone setting and fabrication.  Thank goodness for U-tube!

I started with gifting my jewelry pieces and showing to friends.  Then their friends wanted me to make jewelry for them.  I got busy learning new techniques and was encouraged to sell at craft shows and on line.  So later in 2012 I started applying for my DBA, getting business cards, jewelry displays and I was all in.

I am active on Face Book, Pinterest and Instagram.  I am less active but have accounts with Twitter, Tumbler and Flicker.  I do local Arts festivals, especially around Christmas, have a shop on Etsy, a FB business page and a web page.

My contact information is: Arlene K. Sherman, 4339 Canal Road, Spencerport NY 14559

Business phone: 888-959-7576